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Your in-game username is required for the resources that you request.

Our Hacking Method

Taking a minute to explaing our Clash of Clans Hack Tool. We won't be explaining what it does in the backend, to prevent any abusing and especially not because of Supercell itself, as we don't want our exploit algorithm functions to be patched any soon.

Our hack tool require your username only. It will bind requested gems to it when all steps are completed. It takes a few minutes of your time until everything is set and ready. Once you enter your username and select desired amount of gems, you will be taken to the next step where you have to agree to short terms. You should not use this hack more than once a day...

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Posted 3 days ago by Admin :

We discovered one minor issue in our database scheme. Stay tuned as we work hard on resolving this specific problem. You may still use our Clash of Clans hack tool to get resources, but keep in mind that sometimes they may not get delivered quickly as suppoused. Give it approximately 12 hours because our servers are overloaded! Thank you for your patience.

Posted 6 day ago by Dev:

Updated hack algorithm functions - Current version 2.1. We were upgrading our algorithms lately, because Supercell had some major upgrades with their database. Our console is powered with two more super-powerful algorithms, which exploit another 5 bugs, that our crawlers have found on their backend. We have found that they have several errors with their algorithms and script logic. We are working hard to keep up with Supercell updates. We will keep you updated.

Posted 10 days ago by Admin :

Back again with great news for you! Our dev team just found another exploit for Clash of Clans that can be used to create another smart algorithm, just in case that some of our other algorithms get patched. Big clap to our developers! Currently we have around 10 different algorithms, used for Supercell database exploiting. Our console will return several attempts using different algorithm each time, in case of any failure. The more exploits we got, the better success chance it is.