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The goal of Sitrends.org is to provide a clearinghouse for information about the world's service sectors. With virtually every country in the world having a service sector at, or over, 50% of employment and 50% of gross domestic product, this site fills, for the first time, a need to look at current events in those service sectors, whether that be the latest books and articles or the latest statistics. We hope that by making data, reading lists, ideas and information more readily available to the public we may motivate more research and discussion of service sector issues. Recognizing that the site is a "work in progress", feedback from those who "hit" upon us is most welcome so that we can continue to shape the site and its references to the needs of the public. We also encourage you to make available service sector information that may be of use to others by submitting it to info@sitrends.org, and by participating in the discussion boards provided in each section.

The Mark Twain Institute, a non-profit economic research think tank, sponsors Sitrends. Its chair and president is Harry L Freeman, and its office is at 4708 Dorset Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 USA. Projects sponsored by, or funded by (partially or fully), include forecasts of the US service trade balance by a team or professors from the University of Michigan; the popular book, Globaphobia, written by four eminent economic scholars led by Robert Litan from the Brookings Institute; an ongoing project at the Brookings Institute examining ways to measure productivity in service sectors; the book, GATS 2000, from the World Services Congress; and publication of other papers from that Congress.

The Webmaster is Jaime Nino who can be reached at janino@sitrends.org. Questions concerning the information listed in the site should be addressed to info@sitrends.org. SItrends has no ideological position except that the world's service sectors are underappreciated, understudied, undereported by the media, underresearched by academia, and deserve better.

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