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U.S. Tourism Sales in 2002
Mar 27, 2003

According to figures released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Tourism Sales were $ 706.8 Billion in 2002, which represents a 0,5% drop from 2001. However, not all tourism activities decreased in 2002 from 2001. In 2001 sales contracted by 3,7%.

Meaningful contractions took place in air transportation, local and bus passenger transit and travel agencies services. Meanwhile eating and drinking places, water transportation, car renting and leasing, and pictures motion and other entertainment had a positive sales performance in 2002.

Due to the 11 of September terrorist attacks, Air Transportation Industries now accumulate two straight years of decline in sales. The industry had a sharp sales decrease of 13% in 2001and in 2002 sales decreased a further 10,6%. Due to this contraction, the contribution of air transport to the total sales of tourism industries went form 30,5% in 2000 to 24,7% last year.

The hotel and lodging industry experienced a slight recovery after growing 1,2% in 2002, after sales in 2001 had dropped 4,6%. Thus, the industry has recovered its prior share of total tourism sales, although it remains $ 7 billion less than sales recorded in 2000.

The share of eating and drinking industries increased from 15,5% to 18,2%, after two consecutive years of sales growth, and the $128,7 billions in sales in 2002 represents a $12 billion increase in sales with respect to 2000.

Although not very important in the total sales of the tourism sector, water transportation (WT) and motion picture and other entertainment pictures (MP) grew at high rates both years. These industries continue to experience growth rates above 6% in 2002.

The automotive renting and leasing industry experienced an important growth in 2002 after it increased it sales by $4,5 Billions.

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