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Us Trade And Investment In Sub-Saharan African,. Report Produced By U.S. International Trade Commission In December, 2000
Mar 6, 2001

The US International Trade Commission, which is known for its quality reports on US trade, recently released a report "US Trade And Investment With Sub-Saharan Africa", Investigation # 332-415, US ITC Publication #3371, December, 2000.

The report includes a section on US services trade, using l998 statistics, although statistics were available only for all of Sub-Sahran Africa (except The Republic of South Africa), without country to country data.

The Report states that the US is a net exporter to Africa, with a 1998 surplus of $l.6 billion, contrasted with a surplus of $920 million in l997.

Cross Border services exports were $4,068 billion in l998, with imports of $2,492 billion.

Tourism remained the leading US export to Africa in l998, accounting for 29% of the total exports. African exports of tourism was 46% of all African exports. US professional services were $25.4% of the exports, while education was 10.5% of the total. Other important African exports were passenger fares and telecommunications services.

Sales by US Majority Owned African affiliates were $2.2 billion (compare to cross border exports of 4.1 billion). Sales by African majority owned US affiliates were $266 million, leading to a US surplus from sales through affiliates of $1.9 billion.

US Cross-Border Trade and Sales through Majority Owned Affiliates were a very small part of the US economic picture, but significant by African terms. My compliments to the ITC for putting out this publication.

The report may be downloaded from :


Harry L Freeman March 5, 2001

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