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Mexican Services Sector in 2000, Posted March 8, 2001
Mar 8, 2001

The Mexican services sector grew at an average 7.5% during 2000, more than three percentage points faster than the 3.9% growth rate registered in 1999. The better performance in 2000 was the result of faster growth in all services industries. The fastest growing industries were telecommunications and transportation that grew 12.5% last year. Double- digit growth also took place in commerce, restaurants and tourism, while growth in financial services was just over 4% last year.

The services sector in Mexico created over three hundred thousand jobs last year that account for more than 60% of all new jobs created in 2000. Social services, which grew at an 8% average throughout the year, were the most dynamic sector. Transportation and telecommunication services that grew over 6% last year were second, while financial services registered 4% growth in employment. The average daily remuneration of a Mexican worker was 126 Pesos, which experienced a nominal increase of 14% last year. In turn, the average daily remuneration of a Mexican worker in the utilities sector was 269 pesos in 2000 and presented a nominal increase of 19% with respect to 1999. Similarly, in the telecommunications and transportation sector the average daily remuneration was 169 pesos last year, 14% greater nominal terms than the average pay the year before. Despite the much higher than average wages in these service industries, commerce, which generates over 20% of Mexican employment and close to 45% of all employment in the services sector had a daily average wage of 111 pesos which is below the Mexican average remuneration.
By Jaime Niño

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SOURCE: INEGI, Sistema de Cuentas Nacionales de México (System of National Accounts of Mexico). http://www.inegi.gob.mx/

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