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Cinema Admissions in the European Union
Jan 25, 2002

European U cinema admissions increased 4.7% in 2000 after the number of tickets sold went from 812 million in 1999 to 850 million in 2000 according to data released by EUROSTAT, the E.U. statistics agency. According to provisional data from EU countries (representing over 40% of admissions in the EU), admissions continued to grow in 2001. In Germany, the number of cinema viewers increased by 15% while in France box office tickets sold went up by 10% for the first three quarters of 2001. In Ireland, the growth of admissions was 5% compared to the first 10 months in 2000, and in Sweden the increase was 0.2%. In addition, preliminary data from Norway indicates that cinema admissions increased by 6% in the first three quarters of 2001.

In turn, USA Box office tickets sold decreased by 3.0%, about 45 million less tickets sold in 2000. Box office receipts grew by 4.7% in the EU in 2000, while the growth rate was 2.9% in the U.S. during the same year.

There are over ten thousand cinema theatres in the European Union, 3,000 more than in the United States, although this country has more screens. In terms of the number of screens per capita there are half as many cinema screens per capita in the EU as in the United States. In 2000, in the EU-15 there was an average of 2.4 screens per cinema, more than 25 thousand screens in total, while in the United States there were 5.0 screens per cinema for a total of 37 thousand screens. In 2000, 764 new long length films were produced in the USA compared to 604 in the EU-15.

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