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Jul 22, 2003

Did you know that the Census Bureau has announced it will introduce a new quarterly survey of domestic service industry activity in 2004. The “Quarterly Services Survey” will be the first new principal economic indicator issued by the federal government in nearly 30 years. It will provide heretofore unavailable detail for services sector sales.

In its first issue, due September 2004, Census will report sales data for information, communications and technology-intensive industries. This will include, for example, newspaper and software publishing, broadcasting and telecommunications, information services and data processing, computer systems design and related services, management, scientific and technical consulting. Then, by June 2005, Census will issue new data for hospitals, and nursing and residential care facilities.

If Congress approves pending budget requests, Census will add transportation and finance industries, rental and leasing, the remainder of health care and social assistance, arts, entertainment and recreation services and other services for release in June 2005. The following year in June 2006, it will release data for utilities, the remainder of transportation industries, the remainder of finance and insurance, and real estate.

The new data will address longstanding deficiencies in federal statistics covering the domestic activity of the services sector.

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