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US Services Trade by Multinationals
Dec 20, 2000

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  • Although important, professional services explain a smaller share of services sold in US markets by affiliates of European multinationals. Instead, financial services account for 38% of services sold by Europeans through their affiliates in the US. Other important sources for business in the US for European multinationals are information services which generates roughly 12% of European affiliates sales. Japanese multinationals generate most of their services income primarily in the US transportation and wholesale trade industries followed by tourism and restaurant businesses. Professional services have played a marginal role, but within professionals services computing and data processing explain most of the turnover for the Japanese multinationals. For Latin American multinationals providing services in the US the main source of business is the real state industry followed by tourism and travel businesses. (Graph 4)

    Source: Mann M., Brokenbaugh L., and Bargas S. “Us International Services. Cross Border Trade in 1999 and Sales Through Affiliates in 1998”. Survey Of Current Business October 2000. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    “Services dominate global mergers and acquisitions”. SItrends Report, November 6, 2000.
    World Investment Report 2000. Unctad

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